Fiberglass pool colors

Fiberglass Pool Colors

A brilliant range.

The best color in the world is the one that reflects your lifestyle. The AquaGuard® fiberglass pool color range allows you to stylize and customize your Leisure Pools swimming pool. Expressing yourself has never been easier with our premier gelcoat colors that not only catch the eye with their diamond-like sparkle but also set the standard for high quality UV, blister, and chemical resistance performance.

A Leisure Pools inground swimming pool in Shimmer Sky color
Shimmer Sky pool color sample

AquaGuard® Color


With our special edition, make a lasting impression on your backyard with Shimmer Sky. Its inherent shine and sparkle set the tone for an unforgettable day at the pool.

A Leisure Pools fiberglass pool in Sapphire Blue color

AquaGuard® Color


Sapphire Blue pool color sample

Our most popular color selection due to its cool, refreshing appearance. A bold, vibrant color that invites you into its crisp waters.

A Leisure Pools inground pool with Crystal Blue color
Crystal Blue pool color sample

AquaGuard® Color


One of our most popular pool colors, inspiring the bliss of a calming paradise getaway. For many, this presents purity, serenity and a more relaxed approach to life by the water.

A Leisure Pools fiberglass inground swimming pool in Graphite Grey color

AquaGuard® Color


Graphite Grey pool color sample

Sparkles shine against a deep grey, producing an exuberant stamp on what many consider the “traditional” pool color. It delivers a classic but contemporary tone to your pool experience.

A Leisure Pools fiberglass inground swimming pool in Silver Grey color
Silver Grey pool color sample

AquaGuard® Color


This color provides a very natural look to your swimming pool with soft, balanced tones within its lighter grey background. It is our homage to pristine beachside waters.

A Leisure Pools outdoor swimming pool in Ebony Blue color

AquaGuard® Color


Ebony Blue pool color sample

A bold, dramatic and showcase color. Like a mood ring in the sun, light reflects off the surface of your pool in a stunning display of contemporary style and modern design.

A Leisure Pool in Diamond Sand color
Diamond Sand pool color sample

AquaGuard® Color


Recreate a true beachfront experience with soft, natural lighting. You can almost hear the gulls in the backyard as you wiggle your toes in the sand.

A Leisure Pools backyard pool in Aquamarine color

AquaGuard® Color



Aquamarine pool color sample

Tropical tones combine to promote an environment that is unique and adventurous, providing a stunning compliment to exciting landscaping design options.